Seniors / Disability


Best & only –  Standing only, Slow moving

Mobility to seniors and people with mobility difficulties who can stand and drive

Triple Disc Brake System & Foo Brake that stop motor

Users:  Seniors & people with mobility difficulties, Individuals, Commercial,

Security, Police, Military, Warehouses, trade shows.

Allowed on airplanes” and virtually anywhere





Commute, exercise, and explore :- and enjoy your life:


PrideR Scooter For Sale


PrideR Standing Scooter seniors


Allowed On Airplanes

Allowed on airplanes, and virtually anywhere. Standing scooters provide a fast and efficient mode of transportation, allowing users to navigate through urban areas with ease and agility, avoiding traffic congestion.


3 Wheels and 2 light-weight parts. Very light. The lightweight design makes these easy to carry and transport, enabling users to take them on public transportation or store them in compact spaces, even in the back of their car.


Easy assembly means users can quickly put the scooter together without the need for specialized tools or extensive instructions, making it suitable for users of all skill levels.

Health Benefits

Riding a standing scooter can provide moderate exercise, promoting cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and balance, especially for those who use them for commuting or leisurely rides.

Smart, Convenient Standing Scooter

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“Innovation has to be useful and easy to adopt. This product is both. Simple, durable, and very affordable. That's smart.”
M. Abrams
“Joseph hit the nail on the head with this new scooter. It takes a few seconds to pull it out of the back of the car and assemble, and ride. This is so convenient.”
E. Bell